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Central Coast Salmon Enhancement
Arroyo Grande Creek Watershed

The Mission

Arroyo Grande Creek Watershed Forum is dedicated to creating a sustainable watershed management plan that will refelct all intended uses while enhancing the watershed's natural resources.


Goals and Objectives

The following purpose statements were developed through consensus by the steering committee of the Arroyo Watershed Forum (AGWF) in March 2001.

  • Develop a workable management plan for the Arroyo Grande watershed that protects its resources and uses.
  • Promote access to, and stewardship of the watershed based on an understanding of how a healthy watershed functions.
  • Enhance and restore both the natural habitat and the functional capacity of the creeks.
  • Create an open dialogue through multi-faceted outreach to involve the community in the Arroyo Grande Watershed.
  • Develop, foster and provide incentives for public and private landowners to incorporate conservation practices in to their various land uses, while protecting both property and water rights.
  • Secure sustainable funding for projects consistent with the management plan