Central Coast Salmon Enhancement is committed to help our community strengthen, protect, and understand our watersheds and their fisheries.


Here's your chance to eat ice cream and do your part for the environment at the same time.

Come join us on Thursday, May 28 from 6-9 pm at Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab in Arroyo Grande. A part of the night’s proceeds will benefit Central Coast Salmon Enhancement. This funding helps sustain our programs that restore Steelhead trout habitat and educate both the public and students about how their everyday choices can affect their watersheds, and thus fish, either positively or negatively.

Our special guest scoopers are there to serve you your favorite ice cream flavors. Our staff and Board members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We’ll have pamphlets with tips on how to help Steelhead trout and other species from your home and how to conserve water during our drought.

We hope to see you there, eating delicious ice cream for a worthy cause! Visit our event on Facebook

For further information, contact Chris Lim at chris@centralcoastsalmon.com or 805-678-0679. 

photo by Zac Reinstein

photo by Zac Reinstein