We’ve added some new people to our Watershed Education Center


By Cecilia Seiter

Well, painted people, but people nonetheless!

If you’ve ever visited our Watershed Education Center, you’ve seen the mural on our wall. Since its installation in 2002, the vibrant scene of lush greenery, wildlife, water, and mountains has added life and color to our space. But while it’s served as a tribute to the great outdoors, there seemed to be a critical element missing to the image - humans. 

Our director, Chris Lim, thought that adding a human element would help young people and adults understand that we are connected to the environment and not separate from it. Serendipitously, the group that originally painted the mural saw it featured in a recent newspaper article and contacted Chris. The California Poppy Decorative Artists are a nonprofit organization in Grover Beach that paints scenes for decoration on all kinds of surfaces, and with Chris’s vision in mind, they got to work. 

Five artists spent an afternoon in January adding hikers, anglers, divers, and windsurfers to the wall. They’re small and subtle, but they’re there, and they make an important point: since we are a part of nature, our choices make a difference. It is up to us if we want to make a positive or negative difference. 

We’re very grateful for the members of the California Poppy Decorative Artists, and we’re excited that they shared their talents with us and the community.