What REI did on Black Friday last year (and why you should do it, too) 

By Cecilia Seiter


When outdoor retailer and co-op REI announced last year it would close its doors on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, everybody thought it was crazy. 

But crazy or not, REI did it, keeping all 143 of its stores shut -- and paying its employees to take a hike instead. The #OptOutside campaign took the ad and marketing world by storm for its boldness, creativity, and commitment to the company’s mission statement. 

At Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, we, too, believe in a commitment to opting for the outdoors. After all, nature has been proven not only to be therapeutic for our bodies, but for our brains, too. And with the latest technology trends keeping us glued to our screens, we’re all in serious need of more time outdoors. 

Research conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that kids ages 8-18 are spending 7 hours and 38 minutes on screens, on average. Some studies even estimate that kids are outside for less than 30 minutes a day. That can lead to a slew of different problems in children, like moodiness, impulsiveness, and lack of restorative sleep

In a world where “Nature Deficit Disorder” has become a real thing (yes, seriously; you can read about it here), we believe in taking every moment possible to step outside and take a breath of fresh air. That’s why we’re inviting everybody to #OptOutside with us on Black Friday this year. Gather your family, your friends, and enjoy a day hiking or picking up trash at your local beach -- whatever you do, do it outside. You’ll thank yourself later for saving yourself from the stress of shopping on Black Friday. 

We believe in taking time to reflect upon what nature has given us and how we can give back. Are you ready to do the same? Share with us on social media how you’ve decided to #OptOutside this year!