Fish and Sips 2015:

1. Fundraiser

2. Balancing Act

by Chris Lim

Eventbrite - Fish & Sips 2015

What is the first word you think of when you hear the word “trout”? The vast majority of times this question sparks answers related to food. It’s a natural connection. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself “why”? Sure, fish are edible. Sushi bars are as ubiquitous as the neighborhood Starbucks. But fish are also wildlife. Is there inherent value in allowing fish to be fish?

Steelhead trout are amazingly resilient animals with a life cycle that spans the entire watershed. They undergo stunning physiological changes to go from freshwater to saltwater. They change color throughout their lives to better suit their surroundings, no big deal.

So can we strike a balance between fish as food and wildlife?

By restoring Steelhead trout habitat, Central Coast Salmon Enhancement works to boost populations of trout in order to tip that balance towards wildlife, and in the future, allow trout to be enjoyed guilt-free as fish.

The first step is education. Education equals sustainability.

Now, one may understand and appreciate our mission, but one may ask, “How can I get involved?” Well, a significant way to get involved is to support our organization and allow us to continue to do this important work.

We invite everyone familiar with our work and others who would like to learn more to attend our annual fundraiser, Fish & Sips. Your support benefits our education programs for young students. Students learn the science behind Steelhead trout and how their everyday choices can affect these fish either positively or negatively.

Date: Sunday, September 20

Time: 3 – 6 pm

Location: Wolff Vineyards. 6238 Orcutt Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Join us in making a positive difference in the health of our local Steelhead trout, watersheds, and communities. Local, sustainable restaurants will serve tasty bites. We’ll also have a few food surprises, bbq, and wines from Wolff Vineyards. Enjoy a live performance by the Decadent 10 and both a silent and live auction. 

Interested? Click here for tickets. Come be a part of our balancing act, fish as food and wildlife.