Calling all volunteers!

Help clean our creeks this month

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By Chris Lim

Did you know that Coastal Cleanup Day is actually part of a much larger worldwide effort, International Coastal Cleanup Day? All over the world, on the same Saturday, people are heading to their local beach, creek, river, and lake to pick up trash. 

But this trash is more accurately described as marine debris because once it is left on the ground, it will flow down storm drains, flow in our creeks, and eventually end up in the ocean. Our waterways are interconnected. 

Marine debris is a global issue. Do you know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s a vortex of mostly tiny bits of plastic entrapped by the swirling ocean currents. Some say it’s a plastic soup the size of Texas. But there are actually five ocean gyres, so that equals FIVE garbage patches in areas of the ocean far away from any sort of inhabitants.

Why does it matter? Fish, birds, and other animals can mistake these floating bits of plastic as food. So their stomachs can get full, and the animals feel full without receiving any nutrients. Obviously, a very unhealthy situation. But there’s more. Imagine a fish eats some plastic then that fish gets caught and is eaten from a can, or maybe as sushi, or maybe frozen to be shipped to another part of the world. Remember that mantra, “You are what you eat”?

But we can make a difference by positive difference by remembering this mantra: “Think globally, act locally”? Coastal Cleanup Day and Creek Day are perfect examples of it come to life. Ideally, we’d like to stop our plastic problem at the source. Yet we can reduce, reuse, recycle, rot, and refuse plastic everyday to help the problem. Additionally, we can come together on Coastal Cleanup Day and Creek Day Cleanup to tackle our marine debris problem.

WHAT: Coastal Cleanup Day (We’ll also be painting an environmentally-themed mural. Light snacks and refreshments for volunteers)

WHEN: Saturday, September 16

TIME: 9 am - noon

WHERE: Behind La Costa Grill (168 Station Way, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420)

BRING: Closed-toe shoes, hat, sunscreen, work gloves, 5 gallon bucket (if you have them)


WHAT: Creek Day Cleanup

WHEN: Saturday, September 30

TIME: 9 am - noon

WHERE: Central Coast Salmon Enhancement (229 Stanley Ave, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420)

BRING: Closed-toe shoes, hat, sunscreen, work gloves, 5 gallon bucket (if you have them)