Intern Stories

Read stories from our interns' perspectives as they explore our creeks, interact in classrooms and collect scientific data.


how we collect data in the creeks

Our staff and interns collect data from creeks across the Central Coast. In order to restore a creek, we need to know what is wrong with it by understanding the data. In this story, one of our interns shares their experience on installing a camera to count steelhead trout. 

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Where kids meet the watershed

At the Central Coast Salmon Enhancement we value education. Tosha Punches and Ellen Morris, our watershed education coordinators, teach children watershed science through hands-on learning. Read about how they inspire children with their activities and science projects. 

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Why do oysters matter in morro bay?

There is a lot of work we do in the creeks but we cover the whole watershed. One of our projects examines the native Morro Bay oyster and how it is significant to a healthy watershed. Read about our intern's experience counting oysters in Morro Bay and why it matters. 

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