Arroyo Grande Stream Gage Modification Project

Central Coast Salmon Enhancement (CCSE) continues to improve and enhance habitat for threatened Steelhead trout in Arroyo Grande Creek with the recently funded (June 2014) Arroyo Grande Creek Stream Gage Modification Project. Funded in part by a grant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Restoration Grant Program, the Stream Gage project will remove the existing concrete platform which currently spans the main creek channel (see left) and lower the stream bed height at the structure. This will enable adult and juvenile Steelhead to once again swim upstream to more than three miles of habitat. The flow gage, which measures how much water flows through Arroyo Grande Creek, will resume its operation after reconstruction is complete. Can you find the juvenile steelhead trout in the photo below on the left? These fish were photographed underwater in the pool just beneath the barrier. Our staff regularly observe these fish try to jump over the barrier, only to hit the barrier and fall back into the pool. Also present in the creek are native fish called Dace, shown below in the picture on the right. For those interested in our native fish, note that Dace have a dark horizontal line, while the steelhead have vertical 'parr' marks. 




We invite the community to 'Make the Jump' with CCSE and our local steelhead population by making a contribution to the Make the Jump Campaign at Crowdrise Every dollar will be used to support implementing the project including construction and monitoring.  When complete all donors will be invited to join in on a creek walk to the site.

The site is located out the backdoor of CCSE’s Watershed Education Center where K-12 students attend watershed education classes and camps, professionals attend technical trainings in water quality and habitat conservation, and families walk trails down to the creek to become immersed in fun, hands-on learning about the precious water that sustains us.

Along with community partners of the County of San Luis Obispo, the California Conservation Corps, the City of Arroyo Grande, Terra Verde Consulting, and members and supporters of the local nonprofit,  CCSE is proud to add this critical project to a growing portfolio of programs and projects that improve conditions for our local salmonid species in order to aid in the population’s recovery and eventual removal from the Endangered Species list.


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