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Arroyo Grande Stream Gage Modification Project


Central Coast Salmon Enhancement (CCSE) continues to improve and enhance habitat for threatened Steelhead trout in Arroyo Grande Creek with the recently funded (June 2014) Arroyo Grande Creek Stream Gage Modification Project. Funded in part by a grant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Restoration Grant Program, the Stream Gage project will remove the existing concrete platform which currently spans the main creek channel (see above) and lower the stream bed so that juvenile Steelhead can once again swim upstream to more than three miles of habitat. The flow gage, which measures how much water flows through Arroyo Grande Creek, will resume its operation after reconstruction is complete.

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Pismo Creek

Above: Pismo Creek native Steelhead trout captured and released during a survey conducted by the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife with assistance from CCSE.

CCSE has completed several projects in the Pismo Creek Watershed. In 2009 CCSE completed the Pismo Creek/Edna Area Watershed Management Plan. In 2013 CCSE completed the Pismo Estuary Restoration Plan. Currently CCSE is actively working in multiple areas to characterize and restore Pismo Creek. The major efforts are described below.

1) Increase the amount of base-flow in Pismo Creek by pursuing a groundwater recharge opportunity in the  watershed.

2) Continue to characterize the amount of flow in Pismo Creek by operating a flow gage.

3) Conduct a minimum in-stream flow study to determine the base-flow needed to support native Steelhead trout in a study funded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Restoration Grant Program.


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