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Welcome to Salmon Enhancement
CENTRAL COAST SALMON ENHANCEMENT is committed to helping our community to strengthen, protect and understand our watersheds and their fisheries.We believe through education and engagement, we can ensure that our natural resources continue to support the educational, ecological, recreational and economic needs of our community. Together we can find viable solutions for maintaining healthy fish, healthy watersheds and healthy communities.
Salmon Enhancement is an organization founded by fishermen and dedicated to the ultimate goal of ensuring quality salmon fishing opportunities for our community. Fisheries act as a way for Salmon Enhancement to reach a diverse base of support in a wide variety of natural resource management areas. Our approach to fisheries restoration has been a fruitful strategy to engage children, families, landowners and agencies with land and watershed stewardship ethics that go much further than just ensuring the survival of our local fisheries. We work collaboratively with other groups and individuals to alleviate the burden on our natural resource base so it is able to sustain our communities well into the future.
Salmon Enhancement is dedicated to this stakeholder-approach to fishery restoration. We recognize a need to work, recreate and live in our watersheds. We also recognize that fish serve as a bio-indicator species for our local watershed and are proud to know that the work we do to improve fish habitat will have the added side-effect of improving human habitat. The work we do can ultimately improve local flood issues, preserve agriculture land, ensure water sources for years to come and provide recreational opportunities for future generations.
No other local or statewide nonprofit organization approaches natural resource protection through fisheries with this unique strategy of voluntary, stakeholder-driven, on-the-ground watershed restoration, hands-on community education and fisheries enhancement.