Our programs inspire the community to make positive choices to improve their watersheds for the betterment of everyone 


DIG! Pismo Clams

Brand new experiential learning program for the Central Coast! High school students understand their interconnectedness to our local watersheds using Pismo clams as the lens to view the natural world. The curricula is highlighted by field trips to local beaches where students monitor Pismo clam populations and collect previously absent baseline data. 

If you are a High school science teacher in Santa Maria or know a teacher in santa maria that may be interested in partnering with this program, please contact info@centralcoastsalmon.com


Girl participating in community youth program at CCSE


Interested in the 2017 camp? Click here for further information and to purchase tickets.

Trout in the classroom

Trout in the classroom

Students raise fish from eggs and later release their fish into a local waterway. Students learn how their everyday choices make a difference in their watershed for the health of fish and people. This spring 2017 we will serve 26 classrooms in North and South San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County. 


Watershed education center

Located in Arroyo Grande, CA, our Watershed Education Center is a community space for students to explore their watersheds through hands-on science exhibits and aquariums filled with local species. We currently host school field trips, student-parent groups, summer camps, and as a meeting space for other nonprofits. We anticipate being open to the public starting fall 2017.